Humble Beginnings


Like the beginnings of so many small businesses, Fantabulous deodorant got its start when Amy set out to make a product she wanted, but didn’t exist. Through trial and error, Amy and her husband, Tom, finally created an all-natural deodorant that worked all day.

What is so different about our story, is it all began when Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. One of the changes she made after the diagnosis was switching to an aluminum-free deodorant. She quickly found they weren’t very effective. Through friends, she discovered a proven recipe for natural deodorant, but it was in a liquid form. This is when she set out to create a solid, all-natural deodorant that worked even better than the aluminum deodorants. It was great having something positive to think about between her chemotherapy treatments.

In July, 2015 the Fantabulous Deodorant Kickstarter launched with huge success. It raised over $9,000 from 280 amazing backers from around the world. This resulted in over 800 containers ordered. Fantabulous all-natural deodorant was off to a great start.

Amy’s cancer metastasized in late 2016 and she passed away in January 2017. Today, Tom has made it his new life’s mission to help people everywhere use all-natural, healthy personal products. He’s seeing through what Amy started. She will always be the founder and creator of Fantabulous.

Today we are expanding our distribution and production. We are excited to offer a great product to people who have been searching for an effective, aluminum-free, paraben-free deodorant.

With Love,

Amy and Tom Anstead



Tom Anstead

Anstead Personal Products, LLC

PO Box 112168

Naples, FL 34108