The deodorant seems to be stuck—I can’t turn it up.

What do I do?

Warm up the container either in a warm washcloth for about 10 minutes or using a hairdryer (don’t use the microwave!) and then gently turn the product up. Once you get it moving it shouldn’t be stuck the next time you need to move it up. 


I’m getting itchy red dots in my armpit after using this deodorant. What is that about?

Some people are sensitive to baking soda. We offer a sensitive version (Cool Kids) that contains Himalayan sea salt instead of baking soda. Also, here is a blog post about ways to address this problem.


What about the dome thing in the lid? I can’t get the lid to snap back on completely. 

people You can remove the dome in the lid or you can leave it in. If you leave it in (like I do), you won't be able to snap the lid all the way back on, but it wont' bother the deodorant. If you decide to remove the dome in the lid, do so carefully with a tool of your choice.