All-natural, aluminum-free, paraben-free deodorant that actually works!


I want you to be able to say,

"Hey, I don't stink" without harsh chemicals!


Fantabulous has been put to the test by runners, karate black belts, crossfitters, yoga instructors, and many others. They’ve all been blown away by how well it works. It continues to work even after sweating.

Fantabulous deodorant contains only 6 ingredients in the regular, scented formulation.

For those who find they have a sensitivity to baking soda, we offer a sensitive, unscented version, which contains 5 ingredients and uses Himalayan sea salt instead of baking soda. 

We offer 4 fresh and fun scents and a sensitive, unscented version. All have fun names!


In July 2015, we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to get Fantabulous deodorant out there and get the company started. Here is the link to that campaign


From the January 2016 issue of Naples Illustrated (p. 126):

"FANTABULOUS: While fighting breast cancer, Amy Anstead followed her acupuncturist's advice and switched to aluminum-free deodorant. She fell victim to the most common pitfall of these types of products: a pitfail. Dissatisfied with the current deodorant alternatives, Anstead began conducting her own experiments. Her ultimate creation, which she named Fantabulous (fantabulous-deodorant.com), had only six ingredients, all of which you can pronounce and recognize. The interest surrounding Anstead's deodorant grew, and she launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for startup costs. In 30 days, the campaign raised more than $9,000 from 280 backers from around the world, resulting in orders of more than 800 sticks of deodorant. The best news of all: It actually works. Our favorite scent from the line is Happy Bergamot-Grapefruit."

The stuff is awesome, smells amazing and really works!
— Jodi, crossfitter
This is my favorite deodorant ever.
— Tricia, tennis player and vegan chef
This is the only natural deodorant that has ever worked for me.
— Amy, yoga instructor
Safe deodorant with no aluminum, no parabens and it WORKS! Today’s test was sweating through 1.5 hrs of physical therapy, and getting overheated while multi-tasking at the skating rink. No stink! This beats the crystal deodorants a thousand times over. I will be ordering again!
— Jen, realtor and figure skating instructor
I was the lucky recipient of some of the Fantabulous ‘Happy’ scented deodorant and it is hands down the only product that truly works for me. Keeps me so fresh and clean!
— Amber, boat captain and master naturalist

You can purchase Fantabulous at these fine stores:

Yoga Loft Naples, at Mercato, 9123 Strada Place, #7115, Naples, FL 34108, 239-260-7725


Neighborhood Organics, 2359 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. #406, Naples, FL 34109, 239-273-2350


For Goodness Sake Organic Market, 9118 Bonita Beach Road, Bonita Springs, FL 34135, 239-992-5838


Not in a store near you? Ask your local retailer to contact us and discuss wholesale options. 

Or, buy online and have us ship some Fantabulous right to your door!